Kataeb: Lebanese Independence coincides with the Party’s anniversary, commemoration of Martyr Pierre Gemayel a historic and fateful convergence

In its issued statement following its weekly meeting on Tuesday, the Kataeb Party Political Bureau indicated that the coinciding occasions of the Lebanese Independence Day, the Party's anniversary and the commemoration of Martyr Pierre Gemayel "embody a historical and fateful convergence."

The Party reiterated its firm belief in pursuing the march of Martyr Pierre Gemayel and all the righteous martyrs, renewing the mandate of adhering to truth, full sovereignty and to Lebanon's message, values and human being, and to liberating the country from the grip of corruption.

Chaired by Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, the meeting touched on the delayed government formation amidst the pressing economic challenges, the international warnings and citizens' daily sufferings. Partisans called for drawing lessons from previous eras, renewing the call for a government of specialists whose task would be to tend to the country's quick rescue, leaving priority dossiers to be discussed by heads of blocs in Parliament.

On the eve of Independence Day, the Kataeb Bureau members hoped that peace and stability would prevail throughout the homeland, and that there would be no more illegal weapons on its territory.

Source: National News Agency