Hariri: We will eventually reach a solution

In a press release by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri's Media Office on Sunday, it indicated that the PM-designate has expressed his hope to reach a solution for the government formation crisis.

"I am sure that we will eventually reach a solution, and we have to reach a solution. Everyone should know that the Lebanese Constitution is what brings us together," Hariri underscored.

The Prime Minister-designate was addressing a delegation from diving clubs who presented to him the "Message of Independence" entitled this year, "A homeland without addiction on land, in sea and space", during a celebration held at the Center House with the participation of several associations, clubs and organizations.

Mervat Nahhas, who spoke in the name of the participants, said that the war in Lebanon taught us to protect our independence with all the possible ways. She added: "Under your wing, Mr. Prime Minister, and with you, we will protect the independence from division, theft and drugs, and everyone should be convinced that Lebanon is steadfast in its history, independence and constitution."

For his part, Hariri said: "I am proud to see this large number of young men and women working for this cause that concerns the country and a large number of its families. There is no doubt that your words today about Lebanon and the independence remind us of the words of my father Rafic Hariri, that the homeland is not a hotel where the citizen stays for few days and then leaves. The homeland is a homeland. We are all for Lebanon and Lebanon is for all of us, so we have to protect it, sometimes from some of its citizens, from corruption, drugs and all the plights."

"There are challenges but we are all Lebanese and just as you are working to fight drugs and other issues, we should all fight for the sake of our country," Hariri asserted.

He added: "I want to thank you all for the work you are doing. As for the problems disrupting the formation of the government, I will not discuss them now, hoping that we find a solution with time among the clouds hovering over Lebanon. I am sure that at the end, we will reach a solution, and we have to reach a solution. Everyone should know that the Lebanese Constitution is what brings us together. Few are the issues that we differ on; thus, we should focus on what brings us together. This is what I have been doing. Thank you all for this initiative and for all the things that you are doing for Lebanon and the Lebanese."

At the end of the encounter, the director of the national program for the prevention of addiction Amira Nasreddin presented a shield to Premier Hariri as a token of appreciation. Hariri also signed a Lebanese flag bearing the slogan of the message of independence.

Source: National News Agency