MP: No Agreement On Candidates Of Vacant Portfolios .. And Blocs Looking For Sharing Money Before Choosing The Most Efficient

BAGHDAD, The reform coalition criticized the lack of agreement of the political blocs on the selection of candidates for vacant portfolios in the ministerial cabin, and continued bargaining positions.

The MP for the bloc of the National Wisdom Movement, Ali al-Badiri said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /"There is no final agreement on the choice of candidates, because the political blocs are looking for an agreement on the sharing of money and not on the selection of the most suitable and the most efficient candidate for the post, "Adding that" payment of the amounts is took place in the dark rooms through agreements not seen by the House of Representatives. "

He added that "there are funds paid by the representatives of the blocs and other funds paid after the candidate obtained the position, through getting the same bloc the contracts of projects of the ministry, and the selection of directors of them to ensure the share of that party in the departments of the ministry," noting that "most candidates for the portfolios are from families with influential party relations and political interests. "

"The new government formation is a family cabin, so the files of corruption and theft of public funds will be covered in the future. And any minister leaves office will nominate one of his relatives to take another position," he said.

The parliament speaker Mohamed Halbousi announced that the next session would be to complete the cabinet, and decided to adjourn the meeting until then, where the House of Representatives voted last month to give confidence to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and 14 candidates from his cabinet.

The press service of the parliament announced today that the session will take place on Tuesday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency