Barham Salih asserts that the Nineveh plain people represent a small Iraq and Mosul is a great cultural metropolis

BAGHDAD, President Barham Saleh affirmed that the Nineveh plain people represent a small Iraq and that Mosul represents a great cultural capital.

"Saleh received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Sunday morning a delegation of tribal chiefs and dignitaries of the Nineveh Plain from the Shabak, the Kaka'iyeen, the Christians and the Arab tribes. He listened to the delegation's demands, especially with respect to the reconstruction of their areas and ways of providing services and providing the most important daily necessities for them .

President Barham Saleh stressed that the people of the Nineveh Plain represent small Iraq, the sons of the original components in the country, and that Mosul represents a great cultural metropolis.

Saleh stressed the need to respond to the legitimate demands of the people of the Nineveh Plain, indicating his quest to meet their needs through guidance to the competent authorities, stressing his quest to meet these demands as a constitutional and humanitarian duty, and it will be a support in all circumstances.

During the meeting, the President praised the positions of the people of these regions in confronting terrorism and called upon them to defend their cities and villages. He stressed the importance of focusing on rebuilding the damage caused by the terrorist organization, stressing the need for all components to work together to prevent the return of terrorism to the country.

For their part, the visiting delegation reviewed the problems and concerns of their constituents, the crimes they have committed by the terrorist organization, as well as the rehabilitation of the infrastructure, universities, schools and the health sector.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency