Kuwait: States entitled to handle domestic issues by national rules

Geneva, Kuwait has emphasized, during a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), every State's right to deal with domestic issue according to national rules.

According to KUNA, the Kuwaiti stand was expressed by Kuwait's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim, addressing the council 40th session. He was reacting to the annual report by the UN Human Rights Commissioners, Michelle Bachelet.

Commenting on a part that addressed conditions in Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Al-Ghunaim said the Kingdom has made grand and qualitative leaps in the realm of human rights, particularly women's rights, despite challenges, thus it "deserves all praise and support on our part." Kuwait affirms communities' right to choosing adequate values, principles and approaches for protecting and boosting human rights, calls upon the council to respect principles of neutrality, dialogue and boosting constructive international cooperation that all warrant averting double standards, cherry picking, attempts to politicize and complicate the council tasks.

He affirmed that the world is currently at a "decisive phase," preceding the date set by the international community to attain sustainable development goals; such objectives essentially imply human rights that are necessary for attaining security, peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Kuwait is convinced the international community success in this regard basically hinges on capacities of this community to establish an effective international partnership according to common responsibility to deal with the human rights.

Source: Saudi Press Agency