Dr. Al-Aiban: The Kingdom is following the directives of the leadership towards raising national capacities in the field of protection and promotion of human rights 4 Riyadh

The President of the Human Rights Commission stated that the Public Prosecution has initiated investigation into this case, as the competent authorities are it entrusted to collect necessary information and evidence for the investigation and indictment. The Public Prosecution issued a warrant for the arrest of the accused and their treatment in a manner that preserves their dignity and keenness not to expose them to physical or moral abuse in addition to inform them of the reasons behind their arrest and detention as well as enable them to contact with those they want to inform of their arrest and detention and to inform them of their right to hire a lawyer during the investigation and trial stages. They were interrogated by the Public Prosecution after being informed of the charges against them, in the presence of their lawyers. The Public Prosecution referred the case to the competent court after charging them with sufficient evidence. The court began to hold hearings with three sessions so far, attended by the accused and their lawyers. The trial sessions of the accused are still continuing in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the applicable regulations. It is worth mentioning that the trial was attended by representatives of the Human Rights Commission, the National Society for Human Rights and a number of representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to the Kingdom. The Public Prosecution continues to investigate the remaining defendants, who currerntly lack sufficient evidence to indict.

Justice in the Kingdom follows the confirmed legal procedures which conform to the independence of the Judicial Authority internationally recognized. It guarantees the principles and standards of justice, transparency, and impartiality. The Justice Authority is fully independent. With regard to some media statements to internationalize some procedures related to this case, the Kingdom categorically rejects this act, calling on all parties to lend respect to the the Kingdom's sovereignty and independence of its judiciary in extending its jurisdiction over all cases within its competency and dash out skepticism on the integrity of its judiciary's independence and safety of legal procedures.

With regard to spread the culture of human rights and raise national capabilities, Al-Aiban said that the Kingdom's efforts in this field are continuing with the awareness of human rights at the official and social levels because they represent fundamental pillars for the protection and promotion of human rights. All recommendations on this issue have been endorsed.

With regard to the recommendations on the rights of women and children, Al-Aiban affirmed that the paternalism exercised by some males over females, which was expressed by those recommendations (guardianship system), was prohibited under the Kingdom's regulations. Accordingly, all recommendations on this issue were endorsed, with the exception of only one recommendation, which gained partial endorsement. Meanwhile, all recommendations on the rights of persons with disabilities were endorsed, based on the Kingdom's belief in the right of this group to receive more care.

Source: Saudi Press Agency