Jumblatt in commemoration of his late father: They entered upon the blood of Kamal Jumblatt, left upon Rafic Hariri’s blood

"With patience and flexibility we shall pursue our march alongside all patriots and Arab nationals towards the independence and sovereignty of this country," said Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, marking the 42nd commemoration of the assassination of his father, Martyr Kamal Jumlbatt.

Under the rain showers, a mass rally set out from the outer courtyards of the Mokhtara Palace towards the shrine of the nation's martyr Kamal Jumblatt, amidst a crowd of political officials, religious clerics and citizens who wished to pay tribute to the late Druze leader and mentor. Jumblatt marched alongside his family members and MP Bahia Hariri, representing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, MP Mohammad al-Hajjar representing the Future Parliamentary Bloc, Russian Ambassador Alexander Zaspkin, Saudi Ambassador Walid Al-Bukhari and Palestinian Ambassador Ashraf Dabbour, representing President Mahmoud Abbas.

In his word of remembrance of his late father, Jumblatt said, "One of the comrades of Kamal Jumblatt from the past generation who was unable to be with us today [I meant Mr. Mohsen Ibrahim] said to me:

"We will continue, knowing that the difficulties are huge and the problems are great, but our path and goals are clear, and God willing, one day we will win," vowed Jumblatt.

Laying a floral wreath on Martyr Kamal Jumblatt's tomb, Russian Ambassador Zaspkin remembered him as "a leader of the national liberation movement and a champion of the rights of the people...his intellectual heritage is characterized by high moral qualities, including political and philosophical wisdom for all generations and peoples, on which we depend today."

For his part, Saudi Ambassador Al-Bukhari said in a statement: "This commemoration should be marked by all, expressing our solidarity with Walid Jumblatt and strengthening the historical relationship between the Progressive Socialist Party and Saudi Arabia."

The stormy weather and rain did not prevent the crowds of partisans and supporters from various regions to roam the streets of Al-Mokhtara leading to the tomb of the late Druze leader, in a spontaneous gesture of appreciation and loyalty to his memory and the political and national march that survived through his son and grandson.

Source: National News Agency