Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Highlights Saudi Women Activities

Amman, Prince Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki, Saudi Ambassador to Jordan, has held an open discussion, at the embassy, on Tuesday, with the Head of the Jordanian Female Parliamentarians Dr. Sabah Al-Sha'ar and other members of the Jordanian House of Representatives.

During the discussions, he pointed out to the level reach in the Kingdom, in relation to empowering of women, in the society, indicating the wise leadership attention paid to women, in all walks of life, saying that, in example, as many as 30 members of the Shura Council, are women, out of a total membership of 150 members.

The Kingdom Vision 2030, he added, reasserts awarding the Saudi woman all opportunities and spaces, at avail, to raise her capacity, in order to become more active, effective and capable of involving in all process' phases conducive to decision-making.

Source: Saudi Press Agency