Dalal presents to Bukhari two watercolor paintings on Al Ula archeology

The President of the "Fine Art Society of Culture and Arts" and the Secretary General of the "Gathering of Cultural Ateliers in Lebanon", Artist Chawki Dalal, visited Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, at the Embassy, where he presented him with two watercolor paintings depicting the glorious archeological sites of the historic region of Al Ula.

This comes as part of Dalal's initiative to spread the spirit of love through art between Lebanon and sisterly countries.

Dalal said that his two paintings on the archeological region of Al Ula illustrates the ancient history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and part of his art message to spread love and rapprochement between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, as per a statement by Dalal's office.

"I will proceed with my message through drawing several archaeological and heritage sites of the Kingdom," Dalal said, heaping praise on Ambassador Bukhari's great affinity towards Lebanon and people.

Source: National News Agency