Saudi Arbia affirms its effective cooperation with treaty and non-treaty human rights

Geneva, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today affirmed its effective cooperation with the human rights treaty bodies, which clearly reflects their responsiveness to the inquiries about many human rights issues according to the procedures and mandates of these mechanisms, the classification of the UN to the Kingdom into 36 countries has fulfilled its obligations under these mechanisms.

The Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasel, said in a speech to the Human Rights Council that Callamard had committed numerous violations of the procedures followed by the mandate-holders of the special procedures of Human Rights Council and to escalate the issue politically. It is clear that it does not comply with the standards of competence and integrity, as required by the Code of Conduct, and Human Rights Council resolution 35/15 to commit to a professional and impartial evaluation of the facts.

Ambassador Al-Wasel stressed that one of the most blatant excesses of Callamard is the fact that she is accused of putting charges and prejudices without evidence, and relying on unreliable information drawn from press articles and media reports, questioning her since the first days of the investigation into the integrity of the investigations, and questioning the efforts made by the Kingdom through its competent bodies to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of the crime, which has already been officially announced by the concerned authorities and recommends that the trial be suspended in the Kingdom without regard to the provisions and rules of public international law, and that it should respect the national judiciary and its authorities.

The Ambassador said that because the report is biased and prejudiced against Saudi Arabia, lacking objectivity, neutrality and professionalism, and based on prior judgments and opinions, the Kingdom rejects this report in form and substance and categorically rejects any attempt to remove this issue from the course of the national judiciary authority, or influence it in any way whatsoever.

He also confirmed that the Kingdom is continuing to take all the necessary measures in this case, the Public Prosecution has begun investigating the case and collected the information, evidence and evidence necessary for the investigation and indictment, issued the warrant for the arrest of the accused and treated them in a manner that preserves their dignity and does not expose them to physical or moral abuse. They were interrogated by the Public Prosecution at their headquarters after informing them of the charges against them, in the presence of their lawyers The Public Prosecution referred the case to the competent court after directing the case and the prosecution continues to complete its investigations with the rest of the defendants.

Al-Wasel explained that since the Public Prosecution referred the case to the court several months ago, the court has started to hold its hearings, and has so far reached six sessions, attended by the defendants with their lawyers, the prosecutor, a representative of the prosecutor and the representatives of the permanent members of the Security Council and Turkey, representatives of the Human Rights Commission and the National Society for Human Rights

The Saudi ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva said that the judicial authorities in the Kingdom exercise their legitimate authority in accordance with the internationally recognized principles of the independence of the judiciary, where they have all the elements and standards of justice, transparency and integrity and are fully independent and capable of dealing with any allegations against officials regardless of their complexity.

Source: Saudi Press Agency