Yemeni Premier Returns to the Provisional Capital of Aden

Aden, Yemeni Premier Dr. Mueen Abdulmalik returned here today to resume his duties, in accordance with the recently-concluded Riyadh Accord, co-signed by the Yemeni legitimate government and the southern Transitional Council.

The premier was accompanied by a host of top level ministers, including the Deputy Premier Salem Al-Khanbashi and Minister of Finance Salem bin Biraik.

In comments, following arrival at the airport, the Premier reiterated the government commitment to the accord, normalization of the situation, in the liberated areas and reforming state institutions, in order to recruit all forces, within the fold of the State.

Yemen is at a crossroads, hence sale talks have no meaning unless they are translated into acts to be proven, as all have to re-evaluate the humane value, through creating a social and popular rejection of the hatred and discrimination discourse, he added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency