The Three Presidencies Hold A Meeting To Discuss The Overall Situation In The Country/ More

Baghdad, The three presidencies, President of the Republic, Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi met in Baghdad Palace today Sunday 19 July.

The meeting discussed the latest results of the health situation in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the overall political, economic and security developments in the country.
The meeting discussed, according to a presidential statement, which the National Iraqi News Agency, NINA, received a copy of it, the latest health situation results in the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the overall political, economic and security developments in the country.

It was stressed the importance of health authorities to continue to provide treatment requirements and examinations, and to develop the capabilities available for hospitals and places of health isolation, in a manner that secures the provision of the best treatment services to citizens.

In this context, the meeting expressed great appreciation for the spirit of human and national sacrifice made by the medical and nursing staff and from all workers in the field of providing curative and preventive service. The meeting also stressed the importance of responsible work that the citizen and the Iraqi family can undertake through strict adherence to health instructions, in order to help create healthy, mutually beneficial relationships between citizens and health authorities.

During the meeting, various possible ways were discussed to overcome the effects of the current financial situation on the lives of citizens, particularly social classes with limited income and capabilities, and in a way that helps to provide services, mainly in the health field, and to sustain the movement of life and the market.

The meeting also praised government measures keen to secure the diversity of national income sources and strive to limit the rentier nature of the economic and financial system.

In this context, the meeting affirmed its deep appreciation for the governmental measures taken to control the border outlets and ports, controlling the work procedures therein, eradicating corruption and spoilers in a manner that preserves public money and the national economy and affirms the sovereignty of the state and the strength of the law.

In the security field, the meeting examined with special interest the ongoing security, intelligence and military measures in order to continue the war on terrorism and eliminate the outposts on it and its sleeping and active cells.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi presented to the meeting the two programs of his upcoming visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Where the importance of relations between Iraq and the two neighboring countries was emphasized and the keenness to develop them in a way that enhances constructive cooperation in various fields, in a way that secures the interests of the peoples in the region and contributes to creating a regional environment based on good understanding and observance of national sovereignty and consolidating the enhanced understanding of security, peace and progress for the region.

The meeting noted that Iraq’s cooperation with its brothers and neighbors will help in rebuilding and improving the economy.

The meeting discussed the necessity of working hard and diligently to create the potential for early elections and setting a date for holding them in light of the pledges and commitment to responsibility before the people and their demands, and the speedy completion of the amendments of the law necessary to achieve free, and fair elections that respond to the popular democratic will.

In the context of the legislative and supervisory work, the meeting discussed the upcoming legislative program for the House of Representatives, and the presidencies confirm their full support for the investigative committee’s efforts in the electricity sector, access to the causes of deterioration in this sector, and accountability for negligence.

The conferees emphasized the national project in support of the capable and sovereign state, capable of protecting the rights of the citizen, the security and sovereignty of the country, and at the meeting various measures were discussed, at various levels, necessary to enhance the role of the state and establish its sovereignty.

It was also stressed the need to continue the work and measures that would enhance the national partnership and achieve a national balance according to the constitution to consolidate the principles of the state of citizenship and the rule of law.

The meeting also dealt with the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and it was stressed the need to work for practical measures that contribute to resolving outstanding issues, and in way that secures the rights of citizens without discrimination and according to the constitution, and consolidates responsible national understanding.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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