/46 / new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Jordan, one from Iraq

Amman, The Jordanian Minister of Health, Dr. Saad Jaber, announced the registration of 46 non-local infections with the new Corona virus in Jordan today, bringing the cumulative total number in the Kingdom to 1113 cases, while 3 cases were cured.

Jaber said in press statements, that the cases were distributed among a case coming from Iraq, 44 cases coming from Syria, and one from Saudi Arabia, expecting to increase the numbers for those coming from Syria, because the results are successive, and all of them are quarantined in the Dead Sea region.

He emphasized that the cumulative total number in Jordan decreased, requesting from the World Health Organization not to count the infected who were sent back to their countries so that they do not count more than once in the number of infections and who numbered about 200 infected persons.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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