Customs Authority Declares The End Of The Procedures For Opening Ara’ar border Crossing With Saudi Arabia

Baghdad, The General Customs Authority confirmed the opening of Ara’ar border port with the Saudi side after the completion of its rehabilitation according to the latest international technologies, while it revealed that the automation system will be applied in five selected outlets as a first stage with a period not to exceed five months from now.

The director of the General Customs Authority, Khaled Salah El-Din, said, according to the official newspaper, “The measures to ensure the successful opening of Ara’ar border crossing with the Saudi side have been completed and pending the final agreement on a specific day to announce its official opening,” noting that “its opening will contribute to supporting the country’s economy, and that the operations of its rehabilitation were carried out according to the latest international models that are used at the border outlets.

He stated that “its opening was supposed to be decided during the postponed visit of the Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia, despite this, the two sides are now in the framework of completing the procedures for the opening, and there is no intention at the present time for the Iraqi and Saudi sides to open any other border port.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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