Kuwait: We Support Al-Kadhimi’s Directions To Return Baghdad To The Arab Embrace

Baghdad, The Kuwaiti government expressed its satisfaction with the directions of the Iraqi government headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and the results of the visit made by Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Ahmed Nasser Al-Muhammad Al-Sabah, the emir of Kuwait’s envoy to Iraq in mid-June, noting Kuwait’s support for the Iraqi Prime Minister’s directions to return Baghdad to the Arab embrace.

Today, Al-Siyassah, the Kuwaiti newspaper, stated: “Kuwait has touched the new Iraqi government’s keenness to complete building a system of positive and constructive relations between the two countries, away from the interactions and axes policy that surround the region, stressing that the two countries are working to close the outstanding issues in a spirit of understanding and cooperation.”

It stressed that Kuwait is keen on Iraq, and on supporting the Iraqi government with its new directions, in order for Baghdad to return to the Arab embrace, because of its supportive role for its surroundings.

It added, “The talks related to the maritime border marks between the two countries are taking its natural course, in accordance with the convictions of the existing understanding between the two countries, which are keen to translate the aspirations of cooperation into concrete projects, and enter into a vast world of cooperation, whether at the official or popular level,” pointing at the same time to keenness of the private sector in Kuwait to invest in promising projects in Iraq, which would benefit both countries. ”

It explained that the Gulf electrical interconnection project with Iraq comes within a strategy of Gulf cooperation with Iraq, which gave economic and political importance to the arrangements to reopen “Arar” border crossing between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, noting that the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are meeting with positive and tangible spiritual measures of work pursued by the New Iraqi Prime Minister.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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