Businesses Answer Climate Crisis With Action – 50 Climate Leaders by TBD Media Group

Business leaders are clear drivers for meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals

LONDON, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The environment is in crisis, but with governments distracted by the immediacy of COVID-19 and individual efforts being too small to make a difference, businesses are increasingly taking on the responsibility of building a sustainable future.

Agile businesses are meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals by changing their products and operations with economies of scale that are making a real difference to the planet.

Businesses involved in the 50 Climate Leaders campaign include:

Bank of the West
Celsius Energy Schlumberger
Constantia Flexibles                     
Export Development Canada
LIXIL Group Corporation
Lumina Foundation                    
Philip Morris International                 
Ritter Sport                         
Wallenius Wilhelmsen

The campaign is the latest project devised by Paolo Emilio Zanini, CEO and Founder at TBD Media Group. Zanini says that sustainability is the ultimate challenge for businesses in the 21st century:

“Many people feel overwhelmed by the threat of climate change,” says Zanini. “But the most innovative companies in the world are stepping up to the challenge. We should be optimistic that these organizations have the will to meet and surpass the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

The 50 Climate Leaders series documents the businesses leading industries towards taking greater responsibility for the future of our planet and showcases the approaches they are taking to tackle the most pressing issue facing the world today.

For further background, please visit our 50 Climate Leaders website:

You can also watch all of these campaigns on our TBD Media YouTube Channel Page.