Mulla Talal: Al-Kadhimi will visit Jordan after Washington, and his visit to Saudi Arabia is still ongoing / expanded

Baghdad, Ahmed Mulla Talal, Spokesman for the Prime Minister, announced that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will visit Jordan after Washington.

In his weekly press conference, he said that the Prime Minister’s visit to Washington will address the security, economic, health and energy situations.

Mulla Talal added that the Foreign Minister will meet later today with his US counterpart as part of the second phase of the strategic dialogue, which will be followed by other rounds.

He added that the government’s approach is to support the stability of the region and not to enter the policy of axes, indicating that Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Saudi Arabia is still ongoing.

He explained that the Council of Ministers decided to release documents for college graduates and to form a committee to find solutions to accommodate holders of higher degrees through the 2021 budget, of which a large part will be allocated for deletion and creation movement for holders of higher degrees.

Mulla Talal stated that the Council of Ministers approved the unification of the customs tariff yards at Umm Qasr port and called it as the Grand Welcome Square.

Regarding the elections, Mulla Talal renewed the government’s readiness to hold it on the specified date.

Mulla Talal noted that there is a vision that is being studied about the ration card, which is not appropriate for the Iraqi citizen.

The Council of Ministers decided, according to Mulla Talal, to grant the Ministry of Electricity the powers to directly implement projects.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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