GAC MOTOR prepared a special birthday surprise for a Kuwaiti girl

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For one special Kuwaiti girl, Shouq, her 22nd birthday was something to remember. GAC MOTOR distributor Mutawa Alkazi facilitated a surprise for the young lady that moved her to tears.

A junior at Kuwait University, Shouq is a confident young lady about to enter the working world. Her mother, Sondos, wanted to present her daughter with something memorable, to remind her of her abilities and to encourage her as she takes the next step into adulthood. They visited the Mutawa Alkazi showroom, where together they viewed several GAC MOTOR car models and was drawn to the GS3 SUV. Once Shouq had her eyes set on the car, Sondos signaled that she wanted to make a secret purchase. The GAC MOTOR team went to work discreetly to prepare the vehicle by providing a fast and straightforward purchase procedure while doing their best to make this birthday something that Shouq will not forget.

“This is an overwhelming surprise. I am incredibly grateful to my mother and to GAC MOTOR and the Mutawa Alkazi team for everything they have done for me.” Shouq said. “The first time I saw GS3 in the exhibition hall, I was deeply attracted by the appearance and interior. The decoration design is very outstanding.” After experiencing this car, Shouq believes that the GS3 has wholly exceeded her expectations: “The driving is very smooth, the control is flexible, and it also has in-car navigation, entertainment systems, and good air conditioning.” A passionate equestrian athlete since young, Shouq has found the freedom to ride together with the GS3.

Shouq and her friend taking GS3 for a spin

The GS3’s excellent design, superior quality build, and continual feature improvements were the main reasons why Sondos chose the car. “GAC MOTOR’s cars are known for having a good reputation in areas such as stability and quality, and the brand is trendy in the Kuwait market,” says Sondos. Since entering the Kuwait market seven years ago, GAC MOTOR has gained widespread popularity and visibility through its quality product and good reputation. This has enabled it to rank amongst the top Chinese brands in the local automotive retail market.

GAC MOTOR has expanded rapidly in recent years and has now entered 26 countries and regions worldwide. Under the shadow of the global pandemic and challenging economic situation, GAC MOTOR has bucked the declining trend in Q1 2020, achieving a 114% increase YoY.

Recently, GAC MOTOR has successfully launched the GN8, GS5, GN6, and other models in overseas markets, delighting local drivers and consumers. As the company continues to expand internationally, GAC MOTOR hopes to play an integral part in the lives of more consumers, bringing them quality products through a reliable brand reputation, to create a happy mobile life for its users around the world.

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