TBD Media Group reveals how the best innovators are transforming their industries

As technology advances, Global Thought Leaders are building organisations that use new tools and human talent to make a difference

LONDON, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TBD Media Group’s latest campaign Global Thought Leaders, reveals why people are still at the heart of great business stories and how smart companies are using technology to discover and meet the needs of the future.

The leaders of today’s most innovative companies say that human knowledge and skills, as well as technology remain critical to success.

Viewers of TBD Media’s Global Thought Leaders campaign will meet the educators plugging digital skills shortages by teaching coding languages to children at Logiscool, trusted automotive experts Pratt Miller using trends to inspire new solutions and to be a driving force for change, hospitality management education global leader EHL Group  producing the next generation of hospitality and leisure leaders, as well as Optimarin who are helping shipping companies to protect marine life and the sea  – our planet’s most precious resource.

An inspiring documentary film about each company will show how people and technology are working together to create a new mindset for the future of business and point to how a better future is being defined today.

Paolo Emilio Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group, says, ‘Business thought leaders are in a unique position to put their ideas into action today. The people who run businesses are the people who are shaping the future of life on the planet – not just the bottom line.”

Companies featuring in the campaign:

EHL Holdings – https://www.ehl.edu/
Logiscool – https://www.logiscool.com/en/ 
Optimarin – https://optimarin.com/
Pratt Miller – https://www.prattmiller.com/

The campaign is available to watch at https://www.globalthoughtleaders.org/

Notes to Editors:

About Global Thought Leaders

The Global Thought Leaders project showcases the businesses of today shaping the world of tomorrow. From digital transformation to industrial innovation, this thoughtful and insightful documentary series is educating the business community on how to use innovation to transform and grow. Businesses that wish to get involved should contact info@tbdmediagroup.com.

About TBD Media Group

TBD Media Group is an international purpose driven media group that helps companies, organisations and governments tell their brand stories in a human and direct way.

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