Saudi Arabia Appointed as Coordinator of CODEX for the Near East Region Countries

Riyadh, The Presidency, Secretariat as well as the board members of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (CODEX) supported appointing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, as the Coordinator and a host to the Coordinating Committee for the Near East Region countries of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
This was unfolded, during the meetings of the main committee of the commission, concluded, on Tuesday.
Appointing the Kingdom for the post, follows the role of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority as it permanently contributes to drawing relevant policies and procedures for consolidating the general principles for food safety and their impacts on the countries of the region, in addition to taking part in drafting the Codex commission standards, as the Kingdom chairs and takes part in a number of international electronic working groups.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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