Specialists Recommend Participation of Psychiatrists in COVID-19 Treatment Teams

Riyadh, The 13th sychopharmacology Symposium, recently organized by Eradah Mental Health Complex, has highlighted the importance of the participation of psychiatrists in novel coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment teams, due to the increasing possibility for such patients to develop psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression, calling for offering medical and psychiatrist treatment to Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) patients during the pandemic.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Qahtani, CEO of the complex and head of the organizing committee of the symposium, said that recommendations offered by top local and international experts included the actual need to increase the capacity of complexes and hospitals specialized in treating and rehabilitating addiction patients and to develop new treatment and rehabilitation programs for their treatment. Dr. Al-Qahtani added that participating experts also recommended increasing medical cadres specialized in addiction treatment at Eradah complexes and hospitals and providing them with training programs and financial support.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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