Electric Umbrellas, Cold Marble Provide Proper Climate at Prophet’s Holy Mosque Yards

Madinah, A total of 250 umbrellas at the yards of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque works on refreshing weather during the summer and preventing worshippers from direct sun, which allows more than 500,000 worshippers to perform prayers at yards in fair weather.

Upon arrival at yards of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, visitors notice the moderate temperatures thanks to the electric umbrellas that are installed on concrete pillars at the yards, which were supported with fans that blow air mixed with cold water drops under an accurate automated system that absorbs thermal energy from air, reduces temperatures and provides fair atmospheres to accommodate dozens of thousands of pilgrims at the eastern, southern and western yards, in addition to the mobile umbrellas that were installed in Al-Haswat inside the Prophet’s Holy Mosque that allow the sun and natural air to enter the mosque and protect worshippers from the hot sun during the day and preserve the cold air from air conditioners across the mosque.

Also, the cold marble installed at the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and its yards prevents absorbing the sunbeams and maintains the temperature of the floor at a moderate temperatures no matter how hot it is in the summer. It also maintains good temperatures in the winter, where these efforts are part of projects to serve worshippers, pilgrims and Umrah performers at the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and to provide proper atmospheres for them to perform their rituals with comfort and ease.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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