Inaugural NFT Day Brings Together Web3 Global Industry Leaders to Commemorate the Invention of the Non-Fungible Token

NFT Day participants include a16z, Animoca Brands, BuildSpace, Coinbase NFT, CryptoSlam!, Dapper Labs, Flow, Gaia, LearnWeb3, Matrix World, Metaverse HQ, OpenSea, Rarible, Ripple, TheFirstMint, Tokenproof, and XRP Ledger

Individuals can claim a free NFT to commemorate NFT Day 2022

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Today, a consortium of Web3 companies is launching NFT Day, an annual moment for the Web3 community to collectively teach people about the value of blockchain-based experiences. On this date in 2017, the primary protocol behind NFTs – ERC-721 – was originally published by Dapper Labs CTO Dieter Shirley alongside the first use of the term “non-fungible token.” Since that time, the technology has grown into an $11.3 billion industry.

“Within a few short years, NFTs have already encouraged people to take their first steps into decentralized technology, but we’re still early in the journey,” said Dieter Shirley, CTO at Dapper Labs. “NFTs allow people to own a piece of social space, from virtual locations, music, fashion, and art – even individual moments representing significant cultural touchstones. NFT Day gives all creators an opportunity to tell that story together.”

The inaugural NFT Day celebration features participation from projects, blockchains, and brands across the industry including a16zAnimoca BrandsBuildSpaceCoinbase NFTCryptoSlam!Dapper LabsFlowGaiaLearnWeb3Matrix WorldMetaverse HQOpenSeaRaribleRippleTheFirstMintTokenproof, and XRP Ledger.

As part of the celebration, NFT developers and projects across blockchain ecosystems are coming together both digitally and physically to mark the occasion. The list of official events can be found at along with resources to learn more about NFTs, including more about the technology’s history, how to start collecting or minting, and–for today only–a free NFT can be claimed to commemorate NFT Day 2022.

“We’re thrilled to be participating in the very first NFT Day,” said Whitney Steele, VP of Marketing at OpenSea, the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs. “We believe that NFT technology is laying the foundation for vibrant new economies, and we’re excited to help more consumers, creators and developers discover how they can receive greater value from Web3.”

Unlike other digital media, a NFT proves ownership of a unique asset. They often take the form of digital collectibles, music, art, avatars, clothing, or even virtual worlds. They can also be tied to exclusive experiences and value that only token holders can access, including presales, merchandise, raffles, meet-and-greets, and onsite amenities during events. Because they are digital assets on a blockchain, NFTs can be traced and their authenticity can be verified independent of the issuer.

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About NFT Day

NFT Day is a global moment that celebrates the origins of NFTs. It is observed annually on September 20 in commemoration of the day Dapper Labs CTO Dieter Shirley published ERC-721, the protocol behind NFTs, and coined the term “non-fungible token.”



SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, celebrates 15 years this month. Founded in 2007, Sojern has maintained an unwavering focus on travel from day one. It began by targeting travelers with advertisements on printed airline boarding passes, and evolved to encompass the rise of big data, digital marketing and programmatic advertising across new channels, mobile devices and social media—all the while prioritizing agility and an exclusive focus on travel.

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Sojern has learned—and persevered—through every challenge, industry shift and innovation. For example, the late 2000s smartphone revolution led to a seismic behavioral shift in internet browsing, creating unprecedented opportunities for travel companies to generate more direct relationships and drive online bookings. The rise in smartphone use coupled with the subsequent social media boom led Sojern to create its multichannel framework for travel marketing—which now includes search engine marketing (SEM), metasearch, display advertising, connected television (CTV), social media advertising, and more—to engage travelers at every stage of their journey, wherever and whenever they are online.

In this same time period, Sojern has been collecting, aggregating and analyzing literally billions of travel intent signals daily (like hotel and airline booking data) from thousands of travel brands around the world. This rich data environment is called the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem. It is the foundation of the company’s platform, and what powers Sojern client success and continued growth.

The latest example of Sojern’s evolution is the Sojern Travel Marketing Platform. Responding to the changing technology landscape and the evolving needs of its customers, Sojern built an intelligent marketing platform that delivers unrivaled traveler insight, multichannel scale and automated optimization—all in one place. With the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem at its core, the platform provides travel marketers with the tools to cost-effectively drive demand, convert customers and build loyalty in a digital-first world. With cutting-edge machine learning technologies built-in, the Sojern platform powers travel marketing campaigns for more than 10,000 hotel, destination and attraction clients annually.

“Travel is a massive ecosystem with endless opportunities for digital marketing innovation,” said Mark Rabe, Sojern’s CEO. “Our business was born in travel and our focus is still exclusively travel. Instead of widening our focus, we’ve gone deeper because we fundamentally believe it helps us to better serve our clients. Putting it plainly: We know travelers better than anyone else, and that’s why our clients love working with us.”

After fifteen years at the forefront of travel, Sojern has witnessed fundamental shifts in digital marketing. Here are three key drivers that have led to Sojern client success:

  1. Travelers want personalization: There is no such thing as the average traveler. Consumers are 76% more likely to buy from brands that personalize. Due to the complex path to purchase, marketers can’t base their marketing strategy on blind segmentation and demographic data. Instead, they must use travel intent and behavioral data to find travelers, build audiences and develop personalized campaigns to incentivize travelers to engage.
  2. Marketing should be always-on. Consumers are always dreaming of travel and searching for their next trip—even during the low season. An always-on marketing strategy means that campaigns are always live. Travelers are always online, so travel marketers can’t afford to turn off their campaigns.
  3. Direct bookings are the best way to build brand trust, loyalty and profitability. Marketers should build direct relationships with their customers to increase the engagement, efficiency and effectiveness  of travel marketing strategies. Developing a 1st party data activation strategy across channels and devices to drive direct bookings is key to that success.

“Throughout the challenges of the past few years we’ve never stopped looking for ways to support our local hospitality industry. Our ongoing partnership with Sojern under their Co-Op Marketing Program has been invaluable, supporting hotels in Abu Dhabi to drive direct bookings while improving room profitability,” said George Kalliamvakos, Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi. “As they embark on their next 15 years in digital marketing, I wish them all the best and to keep providing the tools and insights the industry needs to thrive.”

“Sojern has been a partner of ours through constant digital change – from new privacy guidelines to cookieless to destinations partnership – and have helped us navigate and innovate through all of it,” said David West, Executive Director, Herschend Entertainment, owner and operator of numerous attractions in the United States. “I appreciate that they push us and the rest of the industry to get the most out of our marketing efforts.”

“Our collaboration with Sojern remains strong. For the past two years their digital media expertise has provided Hyatt’s Americas Field Marketing team insightful data to help our advertising reach the right audiences at the right time and navigate the evolving travel landscape and consumer preferences,” said Meghann Bell, Vice President of Field Marketing, Americas, Hyatt.

“First partnering with the little Omaha startup 15 years ago allowed The Parking Spot to keep up with the rapid evolution of digital marketing,” explained Julie Silverman, Director of Digital Marketing, The Parking Spot. “Sojern has since been there every step of the way to drive return on investment (ROI) and prepare us for an ever changing digital landscape. We look forward to integrating with their new platform to keep our digital marketing strategy moving forward in 2023 and beyond.”

Throughout its 15 years, Sojern has learned to adapt to the many challenges thrown at the travel industry and global economy. From the 2008 financial crisis and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic to ever-evolving changes in technology, Sojern has weathered many storms and will continue to emerge stronger. The company’s unwavering focus on travel has only increased its resilience and reaffirmed its vision to become the #1 travel marketing platform.

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About Sojern

Sojern is the leading digital marketing platform built for travel marketers. Powered by artificial intelligence and traveler intent data, Sojern provides multichannel marketing solutions to drive direct demand. 10,000 hotels, attractions, tourism boards and travel marketers rely on Sojern annually to engage and convert travelers around the world.

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‫iFOREX  تقدم للعملاء مشاهدة حية لتداول العقود مقابل الفروقات في الوقت الحقيقي

 تورتولا، جزر العذراء البريطانية, 20 سبتمبر / أيلول 2022/PRNewswire/ — قامت iFOREX، الوسيط المالي العالمي الرائد، مؤخرا بترقية قناة Trading Expert الشهيرة الخاصة بها من خلال دمجها على منصة FXNet الخاصة بها بالإضافة إلى موقع الشركة الإلكتروني. ستسمح هذه الخطوة للعملاء المسجلين بتلقي إشعارات فورية لكل تحديث في الوقت الفعلي.

تربط قناة iFOREX Trading Expert العملاء باثنين من أفضل خبراء التداول في الصناعة الذين يفتحون بنشاط صفقات تداول العقود مقابل الفروقات على العملات الاجنبية والأسهم والعملات المشفرة والمؤشرات والمزيد. يشارك الخبراء رؤيتهم حول المراحل المختلفة لكل صفقة مع التعليق المباشر ، مما يسمح للمستخدمين بمراقبة استراتيجيات التداول الفردية الخاصة بهم  في الوقت الفعلي .

نحن نعتقد أن التعليم المناسب ضروري لكل من المتداولين المبتدئين والمخضرمين ، وتمكين عملائنا من التفاعل مع اثنين من أمهر المتداولين اليوم يمكن أن يساعدهم على فهم المفاهيم الأساسية مثل التحليل الفني والأساسي بشكل أكثر فعالية. وبهذه الطريقة، سيكونون قادرين على اتخاذ قرارات تداول أكثر استنارة ومواصلة التعلم على طول الطريق “، صرّح المتحدث باسم Formula Investment House Ltd ، مشغل موقع

ومن بين الخبيرين البارزين وليد صلاح الدين محمد ومحمد عبد الخالق، اللذين يقدمان خبراتهما باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية على التوالي. معا ، يقدم كلاهما سنوات عديدة من الخبرة في السوق التي يوجهانها إلى تفاصيل كل صفقة تداول بما في ذلك مستويات الربح وإدارة المخاطر وكيفية مراقبة الصفقات المفتوحة بشكل فعال .

لأكثر من 25 عاما، ما زالت iFOREX واحدة من أكبر الشركات وأكثرها احتراما في صناعة التكنولوجيا المالية، حيث برزت في وقت مبكر كشركة رائدة في مجال الابتكار التكنولوجي مع الكثير من التفاني في الثقة والتميز. أحد العناصر التي تميز iFOREX عن منافسيها هو التزامها  بالتعليم والدعم. يمكن للعملاء الاختيار من بين مجموعة كبيرة من المواد التعليمية بما في ذلك كتيّبات التداول حول مجموعة من الموضوعات ، من أساسيات تداول العقود مقابل الفروقات إلى أساسيات الأسواق العالمية إلى تكتيكات التداول الحيوية ، بالإضافة إلى دروس الفيديو المتعمقة وحساب تجريبي خال من المخاطر بقيمة 5000 دولار. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، يمكن للعملاء الاستفادة من عرض iFOREX المميز المتمثل في جلسة تدريبية 1 على 1 مع مدرب تداول مباشر، مصمم لمساعدة المتداولين من أي مستوى في تعزيز مهاراتهم بالسرعة التي تناسبهم .

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، فإن منصة التداول عبارة عن مجموعة متنوعة من الأدوات والميزات مثل إشارات التداول وتنبيهات السوق والتقويم الاقتصادي والأسعار الحية ، والتي يمكن للعملاء استخدامها للمساعدة في توجيه صفقات التداول الخاصة بهم .

زيادة على ذلك ,فإن الوصول الى قناة Trading Expert متاح لجميع المتداولين النشطين مجانا بمجرد تسجيلهم للحصول على حساب .

لمزيد من المعلومات ، يرجى الاتصال بمدير التسويق Vasilis Katsikadis على الرقم 1-855-845-5883 أو البريد الإلكتروني

مجموعة iFOREX  /شركة iFOREX
شركةايفوركس / مجموعةايفورك
ويكهامزكاي 1 /  ص.ب 3140
جزر العذراء البريطانية

Distinguished Board Director and Former Fortune 100 CIO, Annabelle Bexiga Joins Quantexa Board of Directors

LONDON, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Quantexa, a global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, announced that Annabelle Bexiga is joining their board of directors. Annabelle is currently serving as the non-executive director for DWS Group, Stonex Group (SNEX), and Triton International (TRTN). Prior to her current roles, she served as the CIO Advisor at Zoom with a focus on working with their product development and marketing teams. She also established and chaired Zoom’s Financial Services Industry council.

Annabelle has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and 11 years in Fortune-100 CIO roles. As a Board Director, Annabelle brings to Quantexa her operational knowledge, as well as public, private, and non-profit board leadership, and advisement experience.

This incredible journey of continuous learning from brilliant technologists and courageous leaders continues through my board and advisory work,” said Annabelle. “I am especially excited to join the board of Quantexa because they truly understand that today in the face of rapidly changing conditions, enterprises need to drive greater accuracy in decisions and innovation with data and analytics technology at the core. The Quantexa team are working to help organizations solve today’s major challenges in utilizing data effectively to improve their operations and the services they provide to their customers.”

“Annabelle’s background includes a diverse set of businesses at firms such as JPMorgan Chase, Zoom, and AIG, as well as residential global experience in New York, Singapore, Tokyo, and Boston,” said Vishal Marria, CEO at Quantexa. “Annabelle has made a fantastic contribution to Quantexa over the last 2 years working as an advisor to our business, so we are thrilled that she will be joining our board of directors. Her experience aligns well with our goals, our culture, and we look forward to incorporating her expertise to help our customers use their data at scale to unify their data, manage risk, ensure compliance, and identify opportunities for efficiency.”

Quantexa is a global data and analytics software company pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence that empowers organizations to make trusted operational decisions by making data meaningful. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s platform uncovers hidden risk and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place. It solves major challenges across data management, KYC, customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Quantexa Contextual Decision Intelligence Platform enhances operational performance with over 90% more accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution than traditional approaches. Founded in 2016, Quantexa now has more than 500 employees and thousands of users working with billions of transactions and data points across the world. The company has offices in London, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Brussels, Toronto, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney. For more information, contact Quantexa here or follow us on LinkedIn.

Media Inquiries:

C: Laurel Case, VP, Fight or Flight

T: +1 315 663 6780


C: Adam Jaffe, SVP of Corporate Marketing
T: +1 609 502 6889
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HAVAL H6 GT Makes an Impressive Appearance, GWM Sponsors Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

BAODING, China, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 9, GWM HAVAL H6 GT showed up at Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 in South Africa, setting off an upsurge of enthusiasm for the coupe SUV visual experience.

HAVAL H6 GT Makes an Impressive Appearance, GWM Sponsors Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

HAVAL brand sets up a static HAVAL H6 GT experience area outside the Cape Town Stadium, which gives rugby fans and other audiences a chance to experience its unique sports coupe styling closely.

HAVAL H6 GT adopts a bio-inspired aesthetic design, which integrates a shark’s vigorous posture with the body modelling, making it looks very sporty. The sides of the HAVAL H6 GT adopt many personalized design details for embellishment, including smooth and rugged lines, fastback shape, and double rear trim spoilers. These details further emphasize the model’s sense of style and sportiness.

Actually, in the first week of September, HAVAL H6 GT held a media test drive in South Africa., SAGMJ, and other local authoritative media all expressed their recognition of this model.

“HAVAL H6 GT integrates the practicality of conventional H6 with modern styling. There is no doubt that it will be well-received by local SUV buyers,” commented by, a local specialist auto website.

“HAVAL H6 GT is reshaping the appearance of SUVs. This sportier model provides a different product for the H6 SUV, and also complements the currently unique stylistic language of HAVAL H6,” commented by the South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ).

HAVAL H6 GT has also equipped with a track mode and an exhaust sound wave system, to give global test drivers a sportier driving experience.

Conrad Groenewald, HAVAL South Africa Chief Operations Officer, said “HAVAL is bringing the brand to consumers in a format that resonates with the market via sponsoring events such as the Rugby World Cup Sevens.”

In July this year, HAVAL H6 GT also appeared at Red Bull Quicksand in South Africa, giving spectators a more tangible sense of the coupe SUV’s charm. In the Australian market, HAVAL has continuously brought its models and users closer together through cooperation with City2Surf, which is popular among young people.

Except for the HAVAL H6 GT, to meet the differentiated needs of varied worldwide users, the HAVAL H6 family has also been constantly expanding its product lineups by launching a variety of models including the fuel-powered version H6 and HEV/PHEV hybrid version.

GWM HAVAL H6 family plans to launch different versions of products in multiple markets worldwide in the nearly future and hope providing personalized experiences to more users.

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KSrelief Concludes Joint Workshop with Jordanian Charity Organization

Riyadh– The joint workshop between King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) and the Jordanian Charity Organization for Arab and Islamic Relief, Development and Cooperation (JHCO), which was held during the period from 13 to 15 September 2022, was concluded with the participation of many departments of the KSrelief.
The workshop activities included many issues to enhance partnership, cooperation and future vision between the two sides in the fields of relief and humanitarian work.
This comes within the framework of the KSrelief’s endeavor to strengthen its strategic partnerships with various international and regional humanitarian organizations in the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency