Druze Sheikh Al-Aql, Dr. Sami Abil-Muna, and the Spiritual Head of the Druze Sect in Syria, Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri, shared a phone conversation on Sunday, in which the latter stressed on the peaceful movement in the Suwayda region and the Syrian state's obligation to secure the rights of the people and deprived areas. Sheikh Al-Hijri also affirrmed the right of the upsiring youth to express their rejection of policies of humiliation and neglect, noting that 'the distinguished sheikhs and the people in general do not accept the occupation of their country, whatever the type of this occupation, and they totally reject turning Al-Suwayda into a hotbed of corruption and violation of moral and social law.' He concluded: 'We rely on God Almighty in what we do and face in the hope of reform and achieving the righteous daily living, social and national demands.'

Source: National News Agency - Lebanon

Madinah Police Arrest Four Citizens for Attempting to Sell Methamphetamine

The police of the Madinah region have arrested four citizens for attempting to sell the narcotic methamphetamine. They were seized in possession of an air rifle, cold weapons and a sum of money. The authorities have taken legal action against them and referred them to the competent authority.

Security authorities call on the public to report information concerning drug smuggling or selling by calling 911 in Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern regions and 999 in the rest of the Kingdom's regions. They may also contact the General Directorate of Narcotics Control at 995 or through email: All reports will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

KSrelief Distributes 142 Tons of Food Baskets in Pakistan

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) distributed yesterday 142 tons of food baskets to the needy people in the regions affected by the floods in the Sindh Province and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, benefiting 3,585 people.

This aid comes within the relief and humanitarian projects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided to several needy and affected countries.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Tabuk Region Supplies 51 Tons of Dates to Saudi Markets

Hard-working farmers in Tabuk Region have made it one of the most prominent in the Kingdom in terms of agricultural development.

The palm trees there are among the oldest in the region. Tabuk has more than 40 types of palm trees, the most famous being Halwa Tayma, which is the most productive palm tree in the area.

Tabuk Region has 1,012,499 palm trees, and an annual production of 51 tons of dates, according to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture's branch in Tabuk. The high production is due to the farm owners who apply the highest standards of care at all stages of work.

On a visit to palm tree farms in Tayma governorate, a team of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) met with farmer Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al Quwayz, owner of a palm tree farm, who said that palm trees and date production in the governorate are of great economic and social importance. According to him, Tabuk dates are in great demand due to their great taste, which is due to the soil and the availability of fresh water.

Dates have a high nutritional value and more calories than other types of fruits. They are high in iron, potassium and calcium, and low in sodium.

Dates are also high in fiber, vitamins B and A, as well as proteins.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Global Celebration for World Patient Safety Day

All countries around the globe celebrate annually World Patient Safety Day on the 17th of September in recognition of patients' safety as a global priority by all members of the World Health Organization (WHO).

A topic about patient safety is chosen every year to raise awareness and promote positive changes in the health systems around the world.

This year's slogan, "Elevate the voice of patients," aims to raise the world's awareness about the importance of engaging patients and their families together for safer health care.

The Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC) is working with the health sector authorities to approve the implementation of quality improvement and safety procedures related to the health care of the patients and their families with the partnership and aid of non-health parties via lectures and seminars in order to empower the concept of health care.

The Director General of the Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC), Dr. Ali Asery, noted that the annual coming of World Patient Safety Day clearly confirms the officials' commitment to empowering patients' role in improving their safety by hearing their complaints and issues.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Vice Foreign Minister Receives Ambassador of Costa Rica to Saudi Arabia

The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eng. Waleed bin Abdulkarim El-Khereiji received today in Riyadh the non-resident Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Francisco Chacon Hernandez.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed aspects of bilateral relations and ways to enhance areas of cooperation in all aspects. They also discussed issues of common interest.

Source: Saudi Press Agency