Al-Hakim: There is a will to pass the financial budget bill in the House of Representatives

The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, affirmed that there is a will to pass the financial budget bill in Parliament.

Al-Hakim said in the Baghdad Diwan to the youth elites that "the youth segment is an important energy if it is used well, and also a dangerous challenge if we do not manage it well," stressing that "Iraq can only be compared to itself by virtue of the conditions and crises it lived through and the smooth transition from a totalitarian dictatorial regime to a pluralistic democratic system, and this transition between these two models of the two systems has a tax on the internal and external levels.

He indicated that sectarianism is not a societal product, but rather a political product to achieve political gains, adding that coexistence is a destiny and not a choice between a group of options, and that the Iraqis surrounded sectarianism in a record period, indicating that the first victim of terrorism is the true Islamic religion, which suffered from the consequences of terrorism ".

Al-Hakim praised the youth generation that is devoid of illnesses and sediments of the past and its desire for coexistence and harmony, adding that the National Wisdom Movement was established to express youth, their desires and aspirations, and that five generations of youth have graduated so far, and we support any youth success story.

He pointed out that "Iraq is experiencing unprecedented security, political, social, and even economic and service stability, due to the reconstruction and service revolution that the provinces are witnessing, as terrorism directly destroyed cities and stopped the reconstruction process in other regions, and that the budget represents a political development with a will to pass it."

He explained, "The development road project is a project that will cherish the interests of Iraq with other countries, making its stability part of its national security, and we call for preserving the role that Iraq played and is playing in bringing the views of the regional parties closer from the angle that any regional stability falls under the category of Iraq."

He stressed, "Efforts must be combined to confront the challenge of drugs and strange ideas to our society, and we also call on young people to be proud of their homeland, culture and identity, and to take the political initiative, either by forming entities that express them or merging with political forces close to their interests."

He continued: "Our visits to the provinces come to visit and learn about the reality of the provinces and to maintain relations with our people, pointing out that Tishreen is a youth movement that had true demands, and the owners of these true demands must be differentiated from agendas that entered the line to achieve political gains."

Al-Hakim called, according to the statement, to remove the contradiction between the age specified for forming parties and the age for nomination. It is not reasonable to allow granting a license to establish a party to a person at the age of 25, while the age for nomination is 30 years.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency