Arab Foreign Ministers Decide to Resume Participation of Syrian Delegations in Meetings of Arab League

At the level of Arab Foreign Ministers, the Council of the League of Arab States has decided to resume the participation of delegations of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic in the meetings of the Council of the League of Arab States, and all its affiliated organizations and agencies, as of today. The Council issued this resolution in its extraordinary session held today at the Arab League headquarters to discuss developments in Syria.

The Council reaffirmed its commitment to preserving Syria's sovereignty, territorial unity, stability, and regional integrity, based on the charter and principles of the League of Arab States. It also stressed the importance of continuing and intensifying Arab efforts aimed at helping Syria to end its crisis, which has caused the suffering of the Syrian people for years.

The Council welcomed the Arab statements from the Jeddah and Amman meetings on Syria that were released on April 14 and May 1, respectively, as well as the eagerness to begin a leading Arab role in efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis that addresses all of the humanitarian, security, and political consequences for Syria and its people, as well as the effects of this crisis on neighbouring countries, the region, and the world, particularly the burden of refugees, the danger of terrorism, and the danger of drug smuggling.

The Council also welcomed the Arab Republic of Syria's willingness to work with other Arab nations to put the outcomes of the pertinent Arab statements into practice, as well as the necessity of putting into practice the agreements and consensus reached at the Amman meeting and adopting the necessary mechanisms to activate the Arab role. In accordance with Security Council Resolution No. 2254, the Council emphasized the need for practical and effective measures to be taken in order to gradually resolve the crisis. These measures should begin with ongoing measures that permit the delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syrians in need in accordance with the mechanisms adopted in pertinent Security Council resolutions.

The Council decided to form a ministerial liaison committee consisting of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and the Secretary-General of the Arab League to follow up on the implementation of the Amman Declaration and to continue the direct dialogue with the Syrian government to reach a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis that addresses all its consequences, according to the step-for-step approach, and in line with the Security Council resolution 2254 and the committee submits periodic reports to the Arab League Council at the ministerial level.

The Council called on the Secretary-General of the Arab League to follow up on the implementation of the resolution.

Source: Saudi Press Agency