Israeli enemy warplanes flew over the southern Lebanese skies on Thursday morning, while the enemy's reconnaissance aircraft continued night flights until Thursday morning over villages in the western and central sectors, reaching the outskirts of the city of the southern city of Tyre, amidst continued dropping of flares above the border villages adjacent to the Blue Line in the south. Also, gunfire from machine guns was reported at dawn, towards the outskirts of the southern town of Ayta Al- Shaab in the central sector from positions adjacent to the town. The enemy aircraft also raided three times overnight on areas between the town of Kafra and Seddiqine, targeting several houses, resulting in the death of two civilians from the town of Kafra: Hussein Ali Hamdan and his wife Manar Ahmad Abbadi, owners of the targeted house, and injuring more than 14 civilians who were transferred to hospitals in the city of Tyre. The enemy shelling also caused significant damage to properties and infrastructure, especiall y electricity and water networks. It is worth mentioning that this is the third raid that the town of Seddiqine has been subjected to within two days, targeting houses deep within the town. Warplanes also raided the outskirts of the town of Zaloutieh after midnight, with damages limited to material losses. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon