Executive Secretary Simon Stiell, addressing media representatives at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai on Friday, emphasized the pressing need for immediate action amidst the looming climate crisis. In his statement, Stiell underscored the pivotal role of COP28 in generating viable solutions to extricate all nations from the climate predicament. He stressed the imperative for accelerating efforts, advocating the highest ambitions at the conference, and considering it a launching pad for pivotal years ahead. Stiell's call urged not just identification of necessary actions by governments, but also the pivotal implementation strategies for existing technologies and tools. Emphasizing the urgency, he labeled COP28 as a watershed moment for global governments. He highlighted the diverse range of ambition levels on the negotiation table and pressed for unwavering commitment toward the highest ambition outcomes, crucial for preserving lives and striving to maintain the 1.5-degree goa l. As an impartial mediator, Stiell pledged to ensure the inclusion of all nations in the negotiation process and discouraged diversions or political maneuvers that might impede climate ambition. Furthermore, he urged ministers and negotiators to adopt innovative thinking, citing bold climate action as an avenue for economic growth, job creation, pollution reduction, and improved public health. Stiell's poignant conclusion emphasized the substantial opportunities embedded in decisive climate action, presenting it as the cornerstone for stable economic growth, resonating as a universal aspiration. In essence, the message delivered by Executive Secretary Stiell reiterated the crucial necessity for collaborative efforts among nations to seize the momentous opportunity for transformative climate action at COP28 in Dubai. Source: National news agency - Lebanon