Global Celebration for World Patient Safety Day

All countries around the globe celebrate annually World Patient Safety Day on the 17th of September in recognition of patients' safety as a global priority by all members of the World Health Organization (WHO).

A topic about patient safety is chosen every year to raise awareness and promote positive changes in the health systems around the world.

This year's slogan, "Elevate the voice of patients," aims to raise the world's awareness about the importance of engaging patients and their families together for safer health care.

The Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC) is working with the health sector authorities to approve the implementation of quality improvement and safety procedures related to the health care of the patients and their families with the partnership and aid of non-health parties via lectures and seminars in order to empower the concept of health care.

The Director General of the Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC), Dr. Ali Asery, noted that the annual coming of World Patient Safety Day clearly confirms the officials' commitment to empowering patients' role in improving their safety by hearing their complaints and issues.

Source: Saudi Press Agency