Joint operations announce the results of the air strike in the Hamrin Mountains

Baghdad, The Joint Operations Command announced today, the results of the air strike in the Hamrin Mountains. The Command said in a statement: 'With distinguished efforts, diligent follow-up, great intelligence maturity, and accurate information from the Directorate of Military Intelligence, and in cooperation and coordination with the targeting cell/Joint Operations Command, and after the F-16 Falcons of the Air Force carried out an air strike on one of the hideouts of ISIS terrorist elements in the Hamrin mountain range/Command sector, Diyala Operations: At 08:10 this morning, a force from the First Division within the Diyala Operations Command and the Reconnaissance Battalion of the Military Intelligence Directorate left to search the targeted location. It added: 'The force found the bodies of two dangerous terrorists from ISIS leaders, and quantities of weapons, ammunition, and equipment for members of ISIS terrorist gangs.' Source: National Iraqi News Agency