MORA Enters South Africa, Debuts Bar Fridges for Joy and Life

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MORA, a pioneering household appliance brand owned by Hisense Group, takes a milestone to officially launch its presence in South Africa by introducing three bar-fridge products to its local consumers in September. The first step to fulfilling the essentials for a high-quality life, MORA presents its function, technology, and design to take care of the well-being of South African families with the vision of “full of joy, full of life”.

MORA, with a rich history that can be traced back to 1825 in the Czech Republic, takes the step into South Africa to join the Hisense brand, intending to meet the needs of South African households. By launching a series of must-have accessories which come with A+ energy efficiency features and low noise design, including the M65RTS that is already in store, as well as the M125RT and M125RWH coming soon to the market, MORA takes its path to become that can be a reliable helper and a natural centrepiece of its consumer’s kitchen.

The introduction of the must-have bar fridges echoes MORA’s commitment to making life easier and fun for its South African consumers. The bar fridges apply low noise design and energy-saving technologies with different capacities and colours available, making them versatile with the potential in fitting into multiple parts of daily life. From individuals living in limited space to business professionals, the bar fridges can enable an entertaining lifestyle in many ways.

Using MORA’s products, South African families can not only enjoy its product’s performance, reliability, comfort and simplicity but also in many scenarios from equipping the cottages to decorating suites or flats used for business purposes.

Entry to South Africa marks a step further MORA’s ultimate aim to accomplish daily tasks for its consumers while living important moments and experiences with the family. Its advanced technologies innovate home appliances to apply economical and environmentally friendly modern functions.

MORA has been a part of the modern kitchen since its inception. By sharing its experience and innovation with its consumers in South Africa, MORA will support South African families’ in-home cooking and help create moments that are fun, light-hearted, and adventurous in their life.

MORA’s products will be available through multiple channels, including distributors and stores such as OK and HNH. Find more at

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