Mustafa: We will give the issue of education a special priority in Gaza

Ramallah - Together - Prime Minister Dr. said. Muhammad Mustafa said that the government will do everything it can to restore education in the Gaza Strip. This came during his speech at the launch of the events and activities of the Global Action Week for Education, which was designated this year by the Global Campaign for Education to make the twenty-third of April a global day of solidarity to protect education in the Gaza Strip, today, Tuesday, from Birnabala Secondary School for Girls, in education. Suburbs of Jerusalem, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Amjad Barham, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ashraf Al-Awar, Deputy Governor of Jerusalem Abdullah Siam, Head of the Global Campaign for Education Rifaat Al-Sabah, and a number of staff from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and representatives of Jerusalem activities. Mustafa continued: 'We came today to deliver a clear message to everyone that Jerusalem and Gaza are in Laayoune, and the camps are a prio rity, and with everyone's efforts we will achieve the goals of freedom, independence and return, and that our daughters and sons are our hope for the future and that education is the means of success, liberation and development.' The Prime Minister added: 'In the government, we will give the issue of education a special priority, and we know clearly that there are persistent efforts to Judaize education in Jerusalem. This is unacceptable and we will not allow it. We will take all possible measures to prevent this Judaization, and we also know that education in the West Bank He also suffers as a result of the conditions of the occupation, as well as financial and economic difficulties that are not hidden from everyone, and we will work with everyone to solve these problems and restore the educational process in the West Bank as well.' Mustafa continued: 'Unfortunately, the educational process in the Gaza Strip has suffered a severe blow, and the number of students who do not go to school in the Strip is esti mated at about 550,000 students who are deprived of schools. We hope that God will enable our political leadership and free people in the world to stop this unjust war on Gaza as soon as possible. The Prime Minister added: 'We, as a government, as soon as circumstances allow us, will do every duty towards restoring education in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible, and our efforts will continue in order to preserve the entire educational process in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and everywhere else, and we will also pay full attention to the educational infrastructure.' We put the required resources in order to raise the level of education, especially in the areas of the suburbs of Jerusalem, and there is a budget allocated for this purpose, and during the coming weeks and months it will be used to raise the level of education in the schools of the suburbs of Jerusalem.' The Prime Minister said: 'We call on everyone to pay more attention to the education process, and we ask our female and male students to co ntinue studying even if the circumstances are difficult, and we ask the male and female teachers, who are the basic structure of the educational process, not to hesitate to provide everything they can despite the difficult circumstances, financial hardship and harassment.' Occupation, we ask everyone to contribute whatever they can in order to return the educational process to its rightful place.' Mustafa concluded: 'Education is our passport to success as individuals, institutions, and the nation. Therefore, we want everyone's efforts to raise the level of education, so that we remain proud of the education process in Palestine.' And in his word; Minister Barham saluted the teachers, male and female, students and educational staff in this week, which represents a voice for supporting and advocating education in Gaza in light of the genocide and crimes committed by the occupation. Barham praised the interest of the Palestinian government and its president in education and its focus on the targeted areas, e specially here in schools in Jerusalem, in Gaza, areas classified as C and others, calling for the provision of all conditions that serve education and its starting points and the integration of efforts in this context. In turn, Siam stressed that education represents the pillar of survival, steadfastness, stability, and strengthening the foundations of the Palestinian state, stressing the importance of supporting education in the Jerusalem Governorate and providing all the elements that guarantee the people's support and steadfastness in light of the occupation's policies and plans aimed at attacking the national identity and fighting all Palestinians. For his part, Al-Sabah confirmed that the Board of Directors of the Global Campaign for Education took a set of decisions in its session held in South Africa last February, as the campaign calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, allowing the displaced to return to their places of residence in the northern Gaza Strip, and providing the capabilitie s to enable the return of students to their schools. Possible with the necessity of providing medicine, food, and protection for children from military targeting, noting that the campaign will continue to work until education regains its health, stressing that the global education agenda will not be achieved unless it passes through Gaza. And in her words; The school principal, Najah Odedallah, praised the launch of this week's activities from the heart of Birnabala Secondary School, as an indication of the interest in Jerusalemite education, appreciating this interest from the government, the Ministry of Education, and the concerned parties supporting education. During the event, the students raised Palestinian flags, campaign slogans, and phrases calling for protecting education, defending the children and students of Gaza, and stopping the aggression immediately and completely. Source: Maan News Agency