Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Allocates Prayer Areas for People with Disability at Grand Mosque

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has allocated a number of prayer areas for people with disability and older women at the Grand Mosque, where the assisting agency for women's social, voluntary and humanitarian services offers female visitors to the Grand Mosque comfortable and secure facilities to perform their worship.

Valuable activities and initiatives are provided, along with barcodes for supplications, fatwas, Sunnahs, and dhikr. The designated prayer areas are equipped with a range of conveniences and divided according to categories, depending on the women's special needs. Flexible holders for the Quran and a pen are provided, and the entry and exit of female worshippers and their families are carefully regulated to prevent potential stampedes or overcrowding. The agency also offers Quran and religious lessons, with Friday sermons translated into sign language for the hearing impaired.

The areas comprise features that assist older women during their worship, such as pens, Quran holders, and large prints of the Holy Quran.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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