SWCC Achieves New Record by Producing 6.3 Million Cubic Meters of Desalinated Water Daily

Riyadh-- Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) has enhanced its global status with breaking the record in producing desalinated water and achieving a new global record through increasing the daily production amount from 5.9 million cubic meters (mcm) to 6.3mcm of desalinated water that is transferred and distributed in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This came in conjunction with EVOLVE 2023 - Enabling the Development of Desalination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which represented an ideal platform that brought together 60 experts and specialists from the sector, manufacturers and water suppliers, representatives of ministries, commissions and research and academic institutions to discuss the future potential of the desalination industry, localizing desalination, supply chains and membrane industry to contribute to reducing the cost of desalination operations, driving innovation and diversifying sources of income, and accelerating the transition to clean and sustainable energy forms to build on the records that SWCC has achieved, including its index of the world's least energy-consuming systems at 2.27 kWh/cubic meter recorded in Guinness World Records.

SWCC, which is looking for more innovative technologies and investments in the industry during the next phase, had signed 14 agreements and memorandums of understanding with a group of academic and research institutions and Saudi and international leading companies in the desalination industry, in a bid to further boost collaboration in joint research, promote knowledge and experience sharing, continue efforts to produce desalinated water of the highest quality and lowest cost, achieve quality addition, and contribute to various national industries so that the next generation can enjoy sustainability.

SWCC, through EVOLVE 2023 that lasted for 3 days in Riyadh, offered a unique knowledge journey during which it revealed the details of the water industry from its production in desalination systems and then its long-distance transport through huge pipelines to major cities and finally its distribution through smart networks. The exhibition and forum presented an important aspect of the history of the Kingdom's desalination industry since its inception in 1907 until the present.

EVOLVE 2023 concluded in Riyadh yesterday after witnessing 10 expanded panel discussions and specialized workshops aimed at developing the next generation of the Kingdom's desalination industry, adopting new technologies in the water sector, developing the supply chain locally, promoting localization in this industry, taking advantage of the achievements of desalination in the Kingdom, investing in commercial marketing, utilizing technology, and accelerating the next generation of water desalination.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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