The US Ambassador: The displaced must be returned to their areas ‘with respect’ without pressure or coercion

The United States Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, confirmed today that her country has provided financial aid exceeding $3 billion to the displaced and refugees, expressing her refusal to force the displaced to remain in camps or forcibly return them to their homes. Romanowski said in her speech during the ceremony of announcing the guidelines for regulating refugee affairs in the Kurdistan Region, 'After the events of the war against ISIS in 2014, we provided more than 3.6 billion in aid. We provided aid to the displaced and refugees, and we worked with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi government, and international organizations. She added "The international community must deliver aid to displaced Iraqis and return them to their homes." The American ambassador called on the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to work to return the displaced to their homes 'with all appreciation and respect,' adding: 'They should not be pressured to remain in displacement camps, and they should not be pressured to forcibly return to their places of residence. Source: National Iraqi News Agency