Dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed and wounded on Thursday by Israeli occupation forces as the brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip enters its 251st day. WAFA correspondent reported hearing explosions and heavy gunfire from occupation tanks in the western area of ??the city of Rafah, coinciding with Apache warplanes and occupation boats firing on the same area, which led to the blowing up of entire residential buildings. He added that medical teams recovered the bodies of three slain people and a number of wounded, most of them children, as a result of targeting a house owned by Al-Louh family in Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation artillery fired shells at citizens' homes northwest of the Nuseirat camp and Al-Mughraqa area in the central Gaza Strip. Quadcopter military drones fired on citizens' homes in Al-Shuja'iya and Al-Zaytoun neighborhoods in Gaza City. Israeli occupation vehicles stationed in Netzarim axis fired rockets on the neighborhoods of Al-Zaytoun, A l-Sabra, Tal Al-Hawa and Sheikh Ejlin in Gaza City, coinciding with the shooting. The occupation army's vehicles continue breaking into the southeastern outskirts of Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, coinciding with missile and artillery shelling in the area. The Israeli occupation forces' aggression on land, sea and air against the Gaza Strip began on October 7, 2023, and has so far resulted in the killing of more than 37,202 people and injuring of 84,932 others, while thousands of victims remain under the rubble. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon

Interior Ministry Issues Administrative Decisions against 26 Violators of Hajj Regulations

Makkah, The Ministry of Interior has reported that the Hajj security forces stationed at the entrances of Makkah have apprehended 26 individuals, nine residents and 17 citizens, who violated the Hajj regulations and instructions by transporting a group of 124 individuals who attempted to perform Hajj without a permit on the previous day (June 12). The seasonal administrative committees of the General Directorate of Passports have issued 26 administrative decisions against individuals involved in illegal transportation. These decisions include a prison sentence of 15 days for each transporter and a fine of SAR10,000, multiplied by the number of violators transported. Violators also face public exposure, deportation from the Kingdom, if residents, and a ban on re-entry for a period of time determined by the regulations. The Ministry of Interior has urged all citizens and residents to strictly comply with the Hajj regulations in order to ensure that pilgrims feel safe, comfortable and at peace when performing Hajj rituals. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Dr. Al-Sati Heads Saudi Delegation to the Consultative Meeting on Coordinating Peace Initiatives and Efforts in Sudan

Cairo, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs Dr. Saud bin Mohammed Al-Sati headed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's delegation to the consultative meeting on coordinating peace initiatives and efforts in Sudan, which began its work yesterday at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo. The meeting was attended by the Saudi Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Mattar. During the meeting, they exchanged views on peace initiatives aimed at restoring stability in Sudan and reviewed ways to strengthen coordination mechanisms and integrate efforts to overcome major difficulties and challenges. The meeting was attended by the African Union, the European Union, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the United Nations, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Djibouti, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Royal Commission for Makkah and Holy Sites Enhances Readiness of Mosques for Hajj Season

Makkah, The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites has enhanced the readiness of mosques in preparation for the Hajj season 1445 AH to serve pilgrims and enrich their experience. The commission stressed that it had given special attention to developing and updating the services of the Miqats as they mark the beginning of pilgrims' journey. Several mosques have been equipped, and their facilities have been prepared to improve the quality of the pilgrims' experience. These include Miqat Qarn Al-Manazil in Al-Sayl Al-Kabir, Miqat Wadi Mahram, Miqat Yalamlam, Miqat Al-Juhfah, the Aisha Mosque in Al-Taneem in Makkah, and Al-Jirranah Mosque. Source: Saudi Press Agency

OIC Secretary General Offers Condolences to Kuwait for Mangaf Fire Victims

Jeddah, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Hissein Brahim Taha, has extended his deepest condolences to the Kuwaiti government as well as families of the victims on the tragic loss of lives and injuries caused by a fire in Kuwait's Mangaf area. He expressed sincere sympathy to the victims' families and wished the injured a speedy recovery. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Roads General Authority Conducts Inspections on Over 1,000 Bridges for Pilgrim Safety

Makkah, As a part of its efforts for the Hajj season, the Roads General Authority (RGA) has undertaken a comprehensive inspection program, focusing on over 1,000 bridges leading to the holy sites to ensure the safety and well-being of pilgrims travelling to and from Makkah and Madinah. The authority's efforts extend beyond bridge inspections. It has implemented a range of safety and maintenance measures across the Kingdom's road network, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for pilgrims from the moment they enter the country at border crossings. Cutting-edge technologies have been utilized to survey all roads leading to the holy sites, allowing for thorough evaluation and necessary maintenance work. By prioritizing bridge inspections and implementing these broader measures, the RGA aims to enhance the overall road user experience while significantly raising the safety standards for pilgrims undertaking their sacred journey. Source: Saudi Press Agency