Bahrain welcomes US decision on designation of Al-Ashtar Brigades

Bahrain expressed its gratitude to the US Department of State on the designation of Al-Ashtar Brigades as a foreign terrorist organization and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT).

Al-Ashtar Brigades has claimed responsibility for numerous vicious attacks against innocent civilians, and security personnel, causing significant damage to public and private property. The department had designated two leaders from Al-Ashtar as SDGTs in March 2017.

Al-Ashtar Brigades is among several militant groups that receive extensive support from Iran and its affiliated factions throughout the region.

This support includes the funneling of funding, weaponry and high-grade explosives, as well as the transfer of knowledge and training at Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) campsites.

This has enabled Al-Ashtar and similar groups to sustain themselves. The continuous assistance from allies publicly denouncing terrorist groups would support efforts to protect global stability and security for all.

The US decision follows the United Kingdom's announcement last December, upon their designation of Al Ashtar Brigades. The UK had also designated Waa'ad Allah Brigades, the Islamic Allah Brigades, the Imam al-Mahdi Brigdes, Al Haydariyah Brigades, and Al-Mukhtar Brigades as terrorist organizations.

"We call upon the international community to continue addressing the concerns of its allies to ensure a safer environment for all. Bahrain reaffirms its historical commitment to the United States in confronting mutual threats and eradicating all forms of terror that harm our communities."

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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