Workshop on Strengthening Partnership, Development of Skills, Organized by Pan-Arab Parliament Research Center

Cairo, Speaker of the Arab Parliament Dr. Meshaal bin Fahm Al-Salami reaffirmed that the parliamentary research, information and training center of the Pan-Arab Parliament, is working on developing high-level training programs, to raise the efficiency of the leadership, working cadres and members of the secretariats, in parliaments and legislative councils, in the Arab countries.

This came in a speech by Dr. Al-Salami delivered on his behalf, by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Parliament Abdul-Azim al-Babli, at the opening of the high-level workshop held by the Arab Parliament here today.

The workshop also discussed the implementation of the Arab Parliamentary Training Strategy, which aims at bridging the gap between the theoretical and academic aspects and the practical aspects of activating technical performance of the secretariats in Arab parliaments, adapting to information technology and modern technologies to improve performance, according to actual indicators.

It was also agreed to adopt successful initiatives in some public secretariats, including the models implemented by the Saudi Shura Council, the General Secretariat of Shura Council, in the Sultanate of Oman and the model submitted by the National Assembly of Kuwait, on loyalty continuous development, leadership in change, quality of service, responsibility and accountability and teamwork.

Source: Saudi Press Agency