Hakim Reiterates His Assurance On Necessity Of National Majority Government For The Next Stage And Achieve People’s Demands And Aspirations

Baghdad, The head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim reiterated his assurance of the necessity of the national majority for the next stage and form a government capable of meeting the demands of the people and achieve his aspirations.

Hakim, during the meeting of the leaders of the political blocs yesterday in Prime minister's office, according to his press office stressed that "the next government should be a government of services not a government of crisis, a government based on programs binding to timings.

On the recent demonstrations, he confirmed the need to the importance of listing to the demands of people and achieve them urgently, stressing "the demonstrations must be focused on the demands and not to assault State's institutions and disrupt people's interests.

He continued "the demonstrations, demanding services what we had already strengthened that Iraq is in front of challenges of providing services after its political, social, and military victory.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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