Minister of Education Meets Jordanian Ambassador, Confirms The Importance Of Continuing Its Support Politically And Serviceably

BAGHDAD, Minister of Education Iqbal Omar Al-Saydali stressed the importance of continued Jordanian support for Iraq politically and serviceably.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Education said that Iqbal met with Jordan's Ambassador Montasser Al-Zoubi. During the meeting, they discussed the developments in the Iraqi scene and the popular demonstrations demanding rights, as well as ways to speed up the provision of services to all Iraqi provinces, especially after the blessed sacrifices made by his sons to free Its land from terrorism.

He stressed "the importance of continuing international and Arab support, especially Jordan for Iraq, in various political, service, industrial and water issues," adding that "Iraq, after being rid of terrorism, is now looking forward to recovering with the help of its neighbors and brothers and supporting them in order to ensure a decent life for its citizens."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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