Rahi meets with Karameh, Arab tribal delegation, calls for speedy cabinet formation

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Butros al-Rahi, met Saturday in Diman with MP Faisal Karameh, with the economic situation and the delayed cabinet formation topping their discussion.

"We are with accelerating the formation of the government within the criteria set by the recent elections. These standards must apply to all, in order to have the promised national unity government," MP Karameh said following the meeting.

The Patriarch also met today with a delegation of Arab tribes from Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and various Lebanese regions, headed by Sheikh Saad Fawzi Hamadeh.

On emerging, Sheikh Hamadeh stressed on "renewing signed pact with His Beatitude in 2014, which includes laying the foundation for national unity and mutual living, confirming the preservation of the Constitution and internal dialogue, remaining alert to the Zionist enemy's dangers and rejecting strife, sectarianism and terrorism."

He thanked the Patriarch for embracing the "Arab Pact for Coexistence and Civil Peace" and confirmed loyalty to their century-old partnership.

In turn, the Patriarch thanked the Arab delegation for their visit and seized the occasion to call on Lebanese officials to "distance themselves from narrow interests and work on forming the government as soon as possible."

"The disputes between the Arab brethrens in all their sects helped to undermine the chances of peace, especially the issue of Jerusalem, which Christians and Muslims cannot accept," Rahi added.

"We have to preserve our civilizations and culture. Lebanon is a model for the East and the West, and your presence here from the various Arab countries and Lebanese regions is the best proof of preserving this unity and these civilizations and moving away from the law of the jungle," he underscored.

Al-Rahi concluded by hoping that the encounter would serve to promote the concepts of coexistence and civil peace to protect Lebanon, the message, away from all narrow political considerations.

Source: National News Agency

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