Greek economic delegation led by Katrougkalos visits Beirut Chamber of Commerce

A Greek economic delegation, headed by Alternate Foreign Minister for European Affairs, George Katrougkalos, on Wednesday visited the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, where they held talks with the Chairman of the Lebanese economic organizations, Mohammed Choucair, and economic leading figures.

The delegation included representatives of the Chambers and Business Enterprises' Federation, as well as around 25 Greek businessmen.

The delegation held a work meeting with the Lebanese side, dwelling on the needed measures to develop economic relations, enhance cooperation with the private sector, and increase trade and tourism cooperation.

Businessmen and leading economic figures also exposed investment opportunities in both countries.

The senior Greek official said that cooperation between the two sides should include the private sector, not just governments.

Katrougkalos highlighted the depth of historical ties between the two countries, saying his country is working to bolster bilateral economic relations.

The Greek Minister also said his country has managed to overcome the economic and financial crisis, recording 1.8% growth in 2017 while expecting 2.5% growth in 2018.

He said the crisis has pushed Greek officials to review business systems towards increasing exports through boost productivity and improving the quality of Greek products.

The Greek Minister congratulated Lebanon on the outcome of the "CEDRE" conference, stressing the need for cooperation with Lebanon, especially in infrastructure projects.

He also underlined the importance of increasing trade exchange between the two countries, which witnessed 21% increase in 2017.

Source: National News Agency