World Center for Dialogue Co-found Islamic-Jewish Council, in Europe, to Counter Extremism 3 Riyadh

Most important contents emphasized by the Center's dialogue strategy, include: belief that religion is a strong factor of affiliation in the cases of integration and marginalization; this factor should be considered, in order to make policies that concern social cohesion issues, he pointed out, stressing that societies with their institutions and religious affiliations have the right and responsibility to work together and to build cohesive, peaceful and equal rights communities, indicating that the best way to do so is to empower religious groups themselves: to build safe spaces or platforms to work together, to engage in open and frank dialogue with one another, in order to promote their mutual co-existence, which contributes to building bridges to support policy makers, in the light of common citizenship.

"We have pushed this faith to support and back up dialogue platforms between the followers of religions, in Nigeria and the Central African Republic, between Muslims, Christians, and in Myanmar among Muslims, Buddhists and recently in the Arab region between Muslims and Christians", he explained, adding that "we are pleased to provide good practices and lessons learned from building these platforms to help create such platform, including Muslims and Jews".

Needing more than ever to take advantage of successes and address problems in the relations between religious groups and harness the results of these relations, we have to protect them from fanaticism, extremism and hatred that these groups, in Europe face. he said.

These people need your expertise and wisdom, if they are to maintain their commitment to equality in citizenship, and respect for diversity, as do the rest of the world, which views the continent of Europe as a distinct model, and to your wisdom to protect the culture of respect for religious identities, protection of the universal right to human beings, protection of freedom of religion and belief and the fight against intolerance and extremism, which is a fundamental pillar of the European continent, he added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency