Dergham: There is no alternative to Hariri as PM

Member of the "strong Lebanon" bloc, MP Asaad Dergham, stressed that "there is no alternative for Hariri as Prime Minister of Lebanon. If he relinquishes this office, we will re-nominate him."

He stressed, in an interview with the "Voice of Lebanon - 93,3" radio station, that "the insistence of Hezbollah on having the March 8 Sunni deputies represented in the government is illogical. We hope that things will be limited to claiming their allies' right, and would not reach the extent of obstruction," saying "we rejected the impossible conditions set by the Lebanese Forces and will not accept other impossible conditions."

He stressed that "the representation of the 8 March is unacceptable," wondering "how can they count those deputies within their blocs and then take them out and assemble them in one bloc and demand a separate ministerial share for them?"

"We count on Hezbollah's wisdom and cooperation as to not hindering the birth of the government, and we hope we are not mistaken," Dergham concluded.

Source: National News Agency