Italian writer criticizes closure of ANSA in Lebanon

The renowned Italian writer Alberto Negri criticized Sunday the Italian authorities' decision to close the office of the Italian agency, ANSA, in Beirut.

"We have historical relations and strong interests in Lebanon, in addition to the presence of a military contingent that is the largest within the UNIFIL peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon," Negri told the National News Agency.

He pointed to an expected move by Italian journalists who have worked for many years in Lebanon and are well aware of the importance of the Lebanese scene "where journalists enjoy full freedom in a democratic country."

"We will arrange for questioning this decision through our friends in Parliament," said Negri, recalling that ANSA did not leave Lebanon during the civil war years and had a prominent role in defining the Lebanese situation and its events. "The Agency had a strong influence on Italy, which ranks among Lebanon's most important donors," he added.

"Unfortunately, the closure of the Beirut office means that Lebanon will be affiliated to the Jerusalem office," Negri concluded.

Source: National News Agency