Ferezli: Several government solutions are being worked out

Deputy Speaker of the House, Elie Al-Ferezli, said in an interview with the "Voice of Lebanon 93.3" radio station that "the current status quo on the issue of forming a government hides a move carried out by caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, since the emergence of the independent Sunni crisis," pointing out that "the movement laid the foundations for the possibility of agreeing on a solution to form the government," noting that "the issue may need a little time, despite it being put on track."

Ferezli stressed that "things must be resolved with further dialogue between the parties," pointing out that there is not one single solution "but several solutions that are being worked out," denying his knowledge "of the proposal to make the Sunni share that of the President so as to form the government."

Source: National News Agency