The PMF carries out a preemptive operation to search the Najaf desert, up to the Saudi border

Baghdad, A force of the Popular Mobilization carried out Today, Monday, a pre-emptive operation to search the Najaf desert, reaching the Iraqi-Saudi border, after receiving intelligence information about the presence of ISIS movements.

The PMF media website said in a statement, which the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of, that a joint force from the Second Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces and emergency regiments of the Najaf Police Command carried out a pre-emptive operation today, based on intelligence information, to search the Najaf desert up to the Iraqi-Saudi border after the arrival of intelligence information about ISIS movements. ”

He added that the operation included surveying and inspecting more than 15,000 km2 from Najaf towards the Lasaf area, to Al Brait region bordering Saudi Arabia,” noting that “the operation also included inspecting all valleys and heights as well as checking the identities of the sheep owners in the desert, and the operation achieved its set goals. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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