Concern among the displaced in light of Israeli threats to Rafah

Gaza - Together Report - Anxiety and tension prevail among hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, in light of the increasing frequency of Israeli threats to invade the city, similar to what happened in most areas of the Gaza Strip. Tens of thousands of displaced residents of Khan Yunis to Rafah began returning to what remained of their homes and trying to reclaim a place to live if Israeli forces entered Rafah. Crowds of displaced people were seen in the streets of Khan Yunis, especially the village of Abasan, working to restore life to the village that was invaded about two months ago. Other numbers went to set up tents in the Al-Mawasi area. Public committees are erecting 500 tents for the displaced in the corridors of the European Hospital, southeast of Khan Yunis, to give medical teams the opportunity to work freely. Most of the residents of the city of Rafah are still in their homes, awaiting the unknown, amid their fear of moving to the central a rea of ??the Strip, which is also threatened by invasion. The United States of America and Egypt oppose Israel's invasion of Rafah for fear of major massacres occurring in light of the presence of one and a half million citizens, and for fear that the operations will lead to displaced people storming the Egyptian border to escape death. Source: Maan News Agency