The Turkish Media Focus In Al-Sudani’s Assertion That The “Development Path” Will Strengthen Relations With Turkey

The Turkish media paid attention to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani’s confirmation that the international “Development Road” project will strengthen joint relations between Iraq and Turkey.

Turkish media reported on Sunday that Al-Sudani, during his meeting yesterday with Turkish Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Uraloglu who is currently visiting Baghdad, explained that the development road project is one of the important and strategic projects that the Iraqi government is focusing on.

The media indicated that Al-Sudani stressed during this meeting that the implementation of the development road project will strengthen the common ties between Iraq, Turkey and the rest of the countries of the region within the common interests and that the project is the best, shortest and least expensive corridor in terms of transportation and transit and linking the Middle East to the European continent.

It indicated that Al-Sudani appreciated the enthusiasm of the Turkish side for participating in the major project, stressing the necessity of continuing technical dialogues between the two countries.

Turkish media explained that the “development road” project announced by the Iraqi Prime Minister late last May includes the land and railway road extending from Iraq to Turkey and its ports and starting from the port of Al-Faw in the Gulf of Basra, and it is planned to consist of a land road and railway with a length of 1,200 kilometers within the territory of Iraq, linking it to the Turkish railway network.

The media indicated that the investment budget for the project amounts to about 17 billion dollars, and that it will be completed in three phases, the first ending in 2028, the second in 2033, and the third in 2050.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency