Bustling Miqat Dhu Al-Hulaifah Gears Up for Smooth Experience for Pilgrims

Madinah: A hive of activity has taken over Miqat Dhu Al-Hulaifah in Madinah, as preparations for transporting pilgrims to Makkah for Hajj reach their peak. A comprehensive system of on-site services overseen by various government entities is ensuring the wellbeing of pilgrims and facilitating their seamless journey to Makkah. The Saudi Press Agency observed the arrival of pilgrims at Miqat Dhu Al-Hulaifah today. The Madinah Region Development Authority, responsible for the Miqat mosque, is leading the extensive efforts that include providing awareness and guidance services in multiple languages, distributing copies of the Holy Quran, offering wheelchairs to elderly pilgrims and to people with disabilities, supplying ample provisions of drinking water, designating ablution stations, maintaining cleanliness throughout the mosque, and guiding pilgrims who may be separated from their groups to designated bus locations. Security remains a top priority, with round-the-clock personnel deployed to manage the smoot h flow of buses arriving at the Miqat. Orderly parking near the mosque and efficient departures toward the fast-track Hijrah Road leading to Makkah are ensured. The Ministry of Health and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority have also deployed field teams to provide essential primary healthcare services to pilgrims at the site. Source: Saudi Press Agency